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2018 Quarter 3 Exam Study Guide

ACT Aspire Reading Document

Class Syllabus

Questions for 2 Paragraph Summary
- What is the article about?
- What did I learn from the article?
- How can I apply what I learn to my life?

Rubric for Paragraph Writing Assignments

Benefits of Exercise Project

Dance Routine Group Project Assignment & Rubric

MLK Day Assignment

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's Letter from Birmingham Jail

Rev. Dr. MLK Letter from Birmingham Jail Youtube Link
Rev MLK Letter from Birmingham Jail

Writing Rubric

Body Systems Handouts

What Kids Say About Weight Article
What Kids Say About Weight

Immune System Article
Immune System

Circulatory System Article
Circulatory System

Digestive System Article
Digestive System

Respiratory System Article
Respiratory System

Exercise and Fitness
Why Exercise is Cool

Peer Pressure

Online Safety

What Being Overweight Means Article